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Sophisticated Littles: The Frisella Family

Sophisticated Littles: The Frisella Family

Written by Carrie Edelstein 

Photographed by Stephanie Cotta 


Meet Enzo, Francesca and Isabella, the three beauties under three who belong to the Frisella family. We think they’re extra gorgeous because Mom is Racquel, the well-known Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner at Nayak Plastic Surgery, and Dad, Sal, is one of the fittest husbands in town. He’s the president of 1st Phorm, a company devoted to muscle building supplements. Good genes: check! 


It’s not skinny jeans though these cuties are after. Enzo likes to keep it cool with a rugged outdoor look. He prefers sporty over preppy and he’s not afraid of getting dirty. The twins on the other hand are described as divas. Mom says, “They love fashion– especially shoes and accessories like their sunglasses.” For this shoot, Enzo chose Baby Gap threads, and the girls felt fancy in bubbles from Nordstrom. Other go-tos include the dainty smock dresses from The Woman’s Exchange. 


This three-pack is excited for summertime. They love to play outside driving their Little Tikes Cozy Coupes, riding scooters and blowing bubbles. For more casual play, the girls love to get dressed up and also read books. Enzo, on the other hand, is all boy. “He loves all of Daddy's toys and helping him operate power tools, mow the grass and ride the skid steer.” 


These littles have already started a mini book club. They’ve learned how to activate “Alexa” to set the mood with the right tunes for sophisticated conversations, minus the wine, or whine. “They are obsessed with the ‘Itsy  Bitsy Spider’ book and song,” says Mom.   


Francesca and Isabella are identical twins. Mom and Dad call the kids “Irish triplets.” “Going to dinner is very difficult, and when I say, ‘going to dinner,’ I mean going anywhere,” Mom laughs. Lucky for the family though all three kids love to dine at home and have Dad’s protein shakes. “They ask for one every morning with breakfast,” Mom says. They also emulate her lifestyle. “When they see me put creams or lotions on, they have to do it too.” Those are daily regimens we should all live by! 


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