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Burn Baby Burn!

Burn Baby Burn!

“The Lagree Method. If I can do it, you can too!”

Written by Cortney Vaughn


Let me start off by saying that working out isn’t my forte. I never understood why so many people got genuinely excited to go to a gym. When I thought of people “working out,” I envisioned those wearing a cut off tank, lifting dumbbells until their veins popped out of their neck, or ladies on an elliptical in their sweat bands and Sketchers shape-ups. I wanted no part of either of those things.

I’m a girl on the go with such a busy schedule that I would find any and every excuse in the book as to why I couldn’t squeeze a workout in. I would tell myself that one time wasn’t going to do any good, knowing that I wasn’t going to be consistent with it.

Then I was introduced to the Lagree Megaformer at PLNK|STL. I was definitely nervous, but my friend assured me of a few things: 1) It’s a total body workout in only 50 minutes, and 2) everyone dresses cute and we could go to happy hour after the class. That was all I needed to hear– I mean, if the Victoria’s Secret models can do it on Instagram, then how hard can it truly be? Right? (I was not right.)


I signed up for a class, and after informing the instructor that I’ve barely worked out since my cheerleading days in high school circa 2006, she assured me that I would survive. I did. It wasn’t pretty, but I lived to tell you all about it!

Upon a quick glance at the Megaformer, I thought it was essentially the same as a Pilates Reformer. They both have the resistance carriage that slides back and forth. But Lagree is quick to let you know that they are very different workouts. With Lagree, it’s meant to make you sweat, shake, burn fat and build muscle. In other words, this isn’t a shower-free lunch hour workout. The part I liked most is that there were no heavy weights to lift, it wasn’t hard on your joints and since the Megaformer is a total package, there was no scavenger hunt of bands and items to go around and collect before class.

The class began and I all too well very vividly remember the range of emotions I felt during those 50 minutes on the machine, from confident (“I’m not as out of shape as I thought”) to frustration, to self-doubt (“This is much harder than it looks”) to relief when the whole thing was over. At the end of the class, I felt determined to try again, and even felt motivated to do better the next time.

The thing about PLNK  is that although you tremble and shake and at times want to quit, it works. I have since taken five classes, and to be perfectly honest, it definitely does not get easier. The more you go, the more you know is true. The motions are in continuous tension increments of only a few inches, and if the workout feels easy, then you probably aren’t doing it correctly. But with names like ”Mermaid Crunch” and “Spider Kicks,” the instructors keep it fun and engaging. I don’t quite look like Bella Hadid yet, but I did leave with shaky legs and a few new abs to show off at the pool, so I’ll call that a WIN!

Go try it- you’ll be glad you did!

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Welcome to St. Louis!

Welcome to St. Louis!

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