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Sophisticated Littles: Vicia's Junior Chef!

Sophisticated Littles: Vicia's Junior Chef!

Sophisticated Littles

Written By Carrie Edelstein

Photography By Stephanie Cotta


Meet Olivia, daughter of Tara and Michael Gallina of Vicia fame. The little sprout is eight months old and ready to help her parents in the kitchen! She’s a regular at the restaurant and loves to hang out in the kitchen and watch all the cooks at work.


“Olivia is a mover and a shaker,” says Mom. “She loves wearing comfortable onesies to play in during the day. We often head into Vicia together for lunch which is a fun opportunity to show off the cute outfits like denim jeans, rompers, and dresses that her grandmas spoil her with.” For her day in the spotlight, Olivia chose to change her normal style up a bit by sporting a Levi’s denim dress from Nordstrom. She came prepared to “work,” accessorizing her look with a yellow Hedley & Bennett apron. Olivia is partial to clothes from Nordstrom and the Cat & Jack line at Target. 


It’s safe to say Olivia is soon going to need a reservations list for pals wanting to take a walk with her. She’s fully booked with walks in the park with her friends, some of whom are her four-legged siblings, Abby and Louie. “Olivia is an outside girl. Any chance to be in the warm air and sunshine makes her happy,” according to Mom.


Though not named after her specifically, the Olivia series of books by Ian Falconer are coincidentally this Olivia’s personal favorite selections. The Madeline series are also top choices and Mom and Dad’s go-to picks when it comes to bedtime stories for their little love. Fun fact: Mom and Dad are apparently composers outside of the kitchen as well when they’re crafting delicious recipes. “Michael made up a particularly funny song called ‘Biscuit mama.’” True story. 


Olivia loves to travel. Mom says, “We are teaching her to be adventurous and curious about the world around her. Her current favorite destinations are Miami Beach and Nashville.” For now, she’s busy preparing for bikini season – Olivia loves to be in the swimming pool and can’t wait for the pools to reopen! Neither can we!

Hats By DI-Anne

Hats By DI-Anne

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