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10 Things Kelly Jackson Can't Live Without

10 Things Kelly Jackson Can't Live Without

Photography By Matt Marcincowski

She’s a familiar face, but did you know Kelly Jackson has a “pet gig” that could become larger than anything she’s ever done? The weekend anchor of 5 On Your Side’s Today in St. Louis newscast, and co-host to McGraw Live on KTRS The Big 550 also has her own pet show. “How My Pet Lives” is going into its second season of production. The show is sponsored by pet food giant Royal Canin, and for now can be seen on YouTube and Instagram. From tales of a cat wrangler to how Manny the Frenchie became so famous, and even stories of domestic donkeys, Kelly has found pets living all kinds of lives. We were most curious about her own, LaRue.

“She’s a Lhasa Maltese maybe. I got her from a shelter when my sister was visiting from out of town. She had been picked up by the county and found on the street so my sister was like ‘Rue for French on the street… what about LaRue?’” Fast forward six years later, and the two live together in Benton Park where Kelly had a portion of her custom closet installed to meet LaRue’s wardrobe needs.

“I bought little kid huggable hangers and I have all of her clothes in her own little part of the closet,” laughs Kelly.

LaRue couldn’t cope without her Kong treats filled with peanut butter, and the addiction was serious! As for Kelly, her can’t live withouts are a little less anxiety inducing!

1) Coffee- Her favorite is Park Avenue in Lafayette Square.

2) iPhone.

3) Friends and family.

4) LaRue. Just ask her stylist, Crystal, at Four Muddy Paws. 

5) “No holds barred from the gut laughs.”

6) A wooden piccolo given to her growing up as a birthday present from her parents. 

7) Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss. “The muted beige-y tones I can put over other lipsticks.”

8) Rescue Remedy for LaRue. “Jennifer Blome introduced us to Rescue Remedy all natural drops you can put in their water or food. I used to dread storms, but this really keeps LaRue calm.”

9) High quality chocolate. “I love Bissenger’s. At Christmas I call their petit fours ‘crack Ding Dongs.’”

10) Travel. “If possible every one should have the opportunity to visit and explore and experience other parts of our great country, but just as importantly other parts of the world, different Cultures, languages, smells, the places, the food, the people. It’s a gift if you’re able to do it and I hope to do more.”


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