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10 Things COCA's Kelly Pollock Can't Live Without

10 Things COCA's Kelly Pollock Can't Live Without

Written by Carrie Edelstein

Photography by Matt Marcincowski

It was a huge weekend for Kelly Pollock and the rest of the hundreds in the crowd celebrating COCA Friday night at The Ritz-Carlton St. Louis in Clayton. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised once again at the annual fundraiser, COCAcabana. We talked to Pollock just before the big night for our May/June issue of Sophisticated Living.

Pollock has been a leader at COCA for 20 years with the Center of Creative Arts in St. Louis. University City recently approved plans for a $28 million expansion to be completed by 2020. That includes a new state-of-the-art theatre and studios and a large “community commons” space. Pollock says, “We’ve worked very intentionally to create stellar educational and artistic environments, but also make the building a very inviting and welcoming space for the entire community. We want this space to be the creative hub for the St. Louis region and a home for diverse community events and gatherings.” Pollock knows what she wants for COCA, so we asked what she needs in her personal life to survive!

 1) Family: her husband Mitch, her kids, Oliver and Adelaide, and the family dog: Walter, the German Shorthaired Pointer.

2) Coffee. “Every. Single. Day. Northwest Coffee is my neighborhood coffee stop, but I also love Blueprint Coffee and Meshuggah Café in the U-City Loop.”

3) Lake Barclay: “We have some property just an hour west of St. Louis. It is where I get off the grid with family and friends to refuel.”  

4) Shinola notebooks for jotting down notes, to-do’s, and ideas.

5) A really good Gin & Tonic. “Good meaning Fever-Tree tonic, extra lime and a high quality gin.” (She recommends the Gin Room on South Grand)

6) The arts. “I can’t imagine life without music, dance, art and design!”

7) A paper copy of the Sunday New York Times

8) Early morning workouts for clarity and sanity. Strength training, running and cycling are her preferred methods.  

9) “People with big hearts and big ideas who get things done. It is why I love my COCA family so much!” 

10) Sunshine.    

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