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Gliding Through Life: 10 Things Lindsay Matush Cannot Live Without

Gliding Through Life: 10 Things Lindsay Matush Cannot Live Without

Photography By Christina Schmidt

Lindsay Matush has spread her wings all over the world. She’s the second-rated female paragliding pilot in the U.S., having logged her longest flight of over 100 miles in Texas. “It was day one of a competition and I towed up and released from the tow line at about 700 feet and ended up getting to about 10,000 feet that day and made it until sunset. So after six and a half hours, I made it 121 miles,” Matush says.

And when it comes to marketing and philanthropy, Matush’s wingspan is also pretty incredible. Her company, Vario, works with families, foundations and businesses across North America, Canada and even South Africa. On the marketing side, the Vario strategists help curate a team to attend to specific needs of clients. And on the philanthropy side, Vario helps clients make greater impacts with giving.

“If money is given away well, it’s got to be aligned with who you are and your family, your legacy and the type of change you want to make in the world.” Matush adds, “If it is those two things, then it will be deeply fulfilling and mutually transformational. It will change you as it changes the causes that matter to you.”

Matush, 34, says her passions are making a difference, entrepreneurship and adventure. And in her own words, she adds 10 things she simply can’t live without.

1) My Paraglider –  My glider and I have covered hundreds of miles and shared countless adventures around the world.

2) My Vario – An instrument that measures the rate of change, it provides real-time feedback that guides me to big flights (and forms the name of my businesses).

3) My whiteboard – the major hub for strategy, brainstorming, big ideas, and powerful ah-has.

4) The San Juan Mountains – the heart of some of my favorite skiing, snowboarding, flyfishing, flying, and hiking adventures.

5)  My team – I get to work with some of the most brilliant, creative, inspired minds in the industry.

6)  Coffee – a passion? A need? I travel with Starbucks Via.

7)  My passport – Over 30 countries and counting, I’m almost never happier than hitting the ground in a new country with a backpack and without a plan.

8) Freedom to work from anywhere – My Bluetooth, my laptop, my tech! 

9) My network – the entrepreneurs and innovators around me that constantly challenge me to think bigger and smarter.

10) My community – my faith community, my family, my friends, and my troop of adopted nieces and nephews.

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