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The Empire of David Porter

The Empire of David Porter

10 Things I Cannot Live Without

Written by Carrie Edelstein

Photography by Matt Marcincowski

From inventing the FURminator deshedding tool for pets to a revolutionary style of sunglasses called Popticals that fold up for easy storage and access: David Porter has built an empire. He invited us inside his “Dave Cave,” a two-story office/garage that has the technology and futuristic feel of a super hero lab combined with the look of The Chain Bridge of Budapest, all merged with an Italian luxury car showroom. It houses the Popticals street fleet along with a few other toys that sometimes get taken out for a spin.

Growing up in Columbia, Missouri, Porter’s love of cars came before he could afford what he wanted.

“I bought a Fiat X1/9 that was sitting in a field for $600 bucks and I took an auto body class and mechanics class to learn how to weld and fix it up – and then I just figured things out.”

That seems to be his forte, like coming up with the idea for high quality sunglasses that fold while skiing and wishing for a pair to put on after skiing that could also fit in his pocket without getting crushed. Using a top designer in Milan, Italy, and nylon lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision along with his five utility patents led to the final product. It seems so simple, so what is it Porter can’t live without now?

1. God

2. Family: his wife, Angie, and his two daughters

3. Italian sunglasses, particularly a pair of Popticals PopAir Aviators

4. Close friends

5. Italian cars, specifically a lime green Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

6. A cappuccino made with freshly ground beans

7. KomBlu Kombucha (green pineapple)

*In all fairness, Porter’s wife is friends with creator Andria Garcia, and, their offices are within the Popticals building in Fenton.

8. Apple Macintosh running Adobe Illustrator

9. Italian driving shoes. Porter says, “Ferragamo’s please!”

10. Movies. His favorites include “Iron Man” (he has a full functioning/wearable suit in The Dave Cave) and James Bond.

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