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Brett Hull: 10 Things I Cannot Live Without

Brett Hull: 10 Things I Cannot Live Without

Photography by Matt Marcincowski


It was a round of golf with singer George Strait and other close friends in Mexico that turned into an unexpected business venture for NHL legend and Hall of Famer Brett Hull. He says it was “a no brainer” to invest in bringing Código Tequila literally out of the private barrels of a Mexican family and into bottles to be distributed across the U.S. And with a handicap of just 2, it seems Hull knows exactly what he’s doing when out on the greens. Since his days on the ice with the St. Louis Blues (and he does still skate periodically like in Winter Classic games, the Kelly Chase Fantasy Hockey Camp and the Gretzky Hockey School), it’s as if the Canadian born legend is already part of the Senior PGA Tour. He’s played with Phil Mickelson, Freddie Couples and even Dustin Johnson, and on courses as great as Pine Valley and Augusta. But he says he likes to “shake hands and kiss babies” when describing his role today as an executive vice president of the Blues. It makes sense that it’s the little things and meaningful ones that Hull can’t live without.


1)      Golf. Right now Hull is a 2 handicap. He likes to play at Old Warson Country Club and Boone Valley Golf Club in Augusta.

2)      Darcie, his wife

3)      Daughters Jayde and Crosby, son Jude

4)      Código Tequila, “It tasted like candy the first time I took a sip!”

5)      Television

6)      Nugget, his 2-year-old Goldendoodle

7)      Discovery Land Company, specifically Vaquero Club in Dallas, Texas.

8)      Music: classic rock and country. He has autographed guitars from legends like Johnny Cash, Eddie Vedder (a close friend), Pete Townsend and Aerosmith.

9)      Bulletproof coffee

10)    Mexican food

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