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Cooler Temps Call for Cozy Spaces

Cooler Temps Call for Cozy Spaces

Longing for a trip to Aspen but don't have time to get away? As the cold weather moves into our area here in St. Louis, we've found some ways to make your home feel warm and cozy… almost like a ski chalet in your living room! The luxury travel interior design firm, Krause Sawyer, shares a few tips:

1.      Add a Sheepskin to a Cold Wooden Chair

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Toss your brighter, crisp lightweight cotton blankets into the storage closet, and invest in a new fur throw to bring a cold wooden chair to life. Doubling as an area rug, a dark, robust hue and furry texture will add richness to an otherwise sterile seating option, and leave you feeling as if you’re in your very own secluded mountainside abode.

Trouva’s Natures Collection Gotland Curly Sheepskin, $445.05, via Trouva.com

2.      Change Out Your Flip Flops for the Perfectly Warm – But Not Too Warm – Felt Slippers

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House shoes and slippers represent the change from a day spent outside of the comfortable confines of your home. Whether running errands, shoveling snow, or hard at work in the office, that simple activity signals the end of a certain discomfort and an embrace of warmth, coziness, and calm. When your toes are feeling the bite of winter’s chill, what better way to warm them up than with the healing softness of felt or shearling sheepskin slippers.

 Garnet Hill Felted Wool Slippers, $148, via GarnetHill.com

Toast Shearling Sheepskin Slippers, $110, via Toa.st

3.      Add a Portable Heater or Fireplace to Your Space

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No ski chalet is complete without a rippling, wood-fueled fire. And if you’re lucky enough to have hard surface floors in your home, you can expect the occasional drafty chill to drift atop the floorboards. Bring a taste of Alpine life into your space by adding a portable (and store-able) fireplace to warm up the room in the dead of winter, and add an invaluable touch of charm. 

Vauni Globe, $3144, via Vauni.com

Lumen’s Lighthouse Fireplace, starting at $909, via Lumens.com

 4.      Change Your Blanket to a Down Comforter

While a lightweight linen blanket creates a comfortable atmosphere during the warmer months, frigid mountaintop climes call for a heartier solution. Upgrade to a pleasantly chunky down comforter to help you get through the arctic, snow-covered evening. We recommend the Brooklinen Down Comforter, $299, via Brooklinen.com

5.      Candelabra Bring on the Dinner Parties

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Shorter days mean more time spent around the dinner table, enjoying hearty, homemade food. What better way to make that moment truly special than with impressive candelabra. An elegant, vintage shape lends a fabulous feel to the tabletop, while a wooden version adds an extra touch of warmth and hominess while retaining a versatile and modern profile.

Pair of Gunnar Ander Candelabras, $2,078.50, via 1stdibs.com

Danish Design Store Nordic Light Foldable Candelabra, $145.60, via DanishDesignStore.com

For more information on Krause Sawyer or to browse more projects, visit www.KrauseSawyer.com.


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