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Sophisticated Littles: Lucy and Grace

Sophisticated Littles: Lucy and Grace

Written By Carrie Edelstein

Photography By Angela Lamb


Meet Lucy and Grace, the twin granddaughters of Ron Kruszewski, Chairman and CEO of Stifel Financial Corp. They posed with their grandpa and his daughter, Carrie, who is the proud mama, at Kruszewski’s Huntleigh home. The girls will turn “2” in April.


Lucy and Grace are fraternal twins, but they always are dressed identically, and if not the exact same, then they are at least matching with coordinating outfits. Mom says, “They prefer to dress the exact same or they get jealous of the other one’s stuff.” Their pink and grey dresses are by Splendid from Saks Fifth Avenue, and those little black bows to match are by St. Louis-based Wee Ones from Laurie’s Shoes.


The girls love to be together. “One of their favorite things is to play with their toy kitchen and pretend to cook and feed each other,” says their mom. Lucy and Grace also like to play outside, go swimming and go to gymnastics class. And they are already regulars at The Magic House and the Saint Louis Science Center. Mom says, “They are very interactive and hands on with all of the activities.”


Lucy loves books with nursery rhymes. Her favorite one is the classic “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Grace loves picture books. “She points at the pictures and says what they are or makes sounds to match if it’s an animal,” says Mom.


Se habla español- Spanish is spoken! Lucy and Grace understand Spanish and speak as much Spanish as they do English. Their favorite words are “agua” for water, “rico” for yummy and “besos” for kisses. They also love to make Grandpa’s coffee and sit with him at the kitchen table and “talk” like they are in a meeting together. They even scroll through his phone and laptop during the “meeting.” Future CEOs maybe? 

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