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Getting Rid of Holiday Stress

Getting Rid of Holiday Stress

While the holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year, for some it means the most stressful time of the year. And the reasons range from the hustle and bustle of it all, lack of money or that feeling of not having enough time to the absence of loved ones that is more apparent now than during other times of the year. Take a deep breath, slow down, say no… they are all tips we've heard when it comes to trying to reduce stress. But when the intensity heats up, one might consider a new alternative to the usual tactics that help us get by during this time of year. Dr. Zinia Thomas, psychiatrist and owner of Radiance Float + Wellness in Brentwood, shares some tips to help get you through the next few weeks.

Prioritize Self-Care:

"We have to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, in order to help others and get everything done during this exciting, busy season. Radiance Float + Wellness was designed to provide natural, safe, effective wellness services for everyone. From those seeking maintenance of health to those wanting treatment for disease, focusing on the recovery of body, mind and soul on a consistent basis so that life stressors don’t tip the balance with one’s health is important." Dr. Thomas adds, "Float therapy can give reprieve to the body and mind during the sensory whirlwind of the winter holidays. Relaxing and detoxing in the infrared sauna can help with holiday over-indulgences. Healing the respiratory tract from the winter insults in our halotherapy room will eliminate down time during the holiday season. Boosting the body directly with IV or intramuscular nutrients will keep energy levels high, immune systems healthy and vitamin and mineral levels adequate, which can get depleted with stress."

Maintain Healthy Routines:

"Keeping a consistent routine can help prevent feelings of overwhelm and stress. Getting adequate sleep [7-8 hours of continuous sleep] is very important for our hormonal, immune and cognitive functioning. Most people aren't getting enough sleep and are paying the price with our health. Lack of sleep can fan the fire of inflammation, which is now thought of to be the basis of chronic disease states."


"Daily movement is the quickest way to boost endorphin levels, including serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine which will improve mood and lower stress and anxiety levels. A brisk walk or a relaxing yoga class will do the trick!"


Healthy Nutrition:

"Our bodies were designed to run off the food that was put on the earth. Eating heavily-processed foods or synthetically manufactured foods tax our bodies metabolic system and slow us down and cause malfunctioning or disease. Fueling our body with the vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, complex carbs, amino acids and proteins from whole foods or pure supplements can keep our bodies running in optimal condition."

Plan Social Events:

"The parties, meetings, events increase in frequency during the holidays and it’s easy to overindulge or get overwhelmed with all the frenzy. Have realistic plans about which events you can afford to attend with regards to your time and money. Stick to a budget for gifts and events. Don't over commit yourself. It’s OK to say no. Your body and immune system will thank you later."

Holiday Blues and Depression:

"Sometimes the holidays bring with them more stress that is manageable causing the blues and depression. It is important to acknowledge feelings and not mask them just because it is the holidays. Missing lost loved ones or not being able to spend time with children because of fractured families is difficult during the holiday season. Try to make new traditions in the present. Being mindful and enjoying the present moments, instead of being stuck in the past or worrying about the future can ward off depressive thoughts. Spend time with others, it's easy to isolate oneself amidst others’ holiday cheer, however, keeping social connections active keeps our mood chemicals high. Volunteer to help others. Giving time, money or services to others in need can help one feel less isolated and be very rewarding."

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